Welcome to the new HCCSC website. Please be patient with us as we continue to add new material to this site. Our chapter of the HCCA has been around since June of 1951 and we have a lot to share. Watch this space as we continue to grow.

Officers of the Board

President                         Wes Buck

Vice-President                Chris Gorman

Secretary                         Raquel Walters

Treasurer                         Jill Gorman

Directors:                       Susan Buck

                                       Eddie Kidd

                                       Tom Zimmer

                                       Larry Smith

                                       Raquel Walters

                                      Pete Eastwood


Appointed Positions

Coilbox Editor              Chris Gorman

Membership                  Susan Buck

Activities                        Wes Buck/Tom Zimmer/Eddie Kidd

Historian                       Chandler Gorman/Pete Eastwood

Parliamentarian            Rick Barakat

Webmaster                    Chris Gorman